Secondary school day adventure retreat

Duration: 10am-3pm

Our students’ day focuses on creating an environment where participants can bond with each other while engaging in activities that are fun and active. They will learn about positive group interaction, the importance of positive social relationships and how to look after their own physical and mental health in very natural ways. 

The day provides a mix of indoor and outdoor activity. We begin the adventure with an accessible talk on the pillars of whole-health and wellbeing where we outline the proven tools that allow people engage actively with their own whole-health and wellbeing, focusing on the following topics: 

  • The importance of natural movement and how to incorporate more of it into our day-to-day life 
  • The importance of sleep and how to create good sleep habits 
  • The importance of good nutrition and simple ways to eat better 
  • How to manage daily stress through breathing and meditation 
  • The importance of positive social relationships 
  • How to get to know your purpose in life 

Our first stretching and strengthening class will allow the group relax and prepare for the hike.   

You can choose from a choice of outdoor activities that include hiking, rock climbing, coastal walking, coasteering, gorge walking, and kayaking. These activities will get the people moving and having fun under the guidance of trained experts.  

After a healthy and nutritious meal, the focus will be on learning different breathwork practices. This helps optimise breathing for enhanced physical and mental health, as well as aiding in controlling stress and improving sleep.  

The post-hike class will concentrate on relaxation with an introduction on how to use the breath and mindfulness to control stress. 

All our are delivered by experienced teachers and guides who are used to working with groups with varying fitness levels. 

Click on the link below to read a sample day adventure option. We are very happy to talk with you to put together a tailored event for your school group that meets with your specific needs and aspirations. 


Note: we aim to have our events located within an hour’s drive of your school.
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What to bring - Move, Breathe, Swim, Eat

What we provide

– Trained instructor
– Healthy, nutritious lunch and drinks

What to bring

– Comfortable, stretchy pants/shorts
– Swimsuit
– Tee-shirt (long or short sleeves)
– Warm light top or fleece and socks
– Comfortable footwear
– Water bottle
– Towel
– Light blanket

Suitable for age 8+

Available all year round