The location

Harbour House

The Maharees, Castlegregory, Co.Kerry

Harbour House is located in the furthest-most corner of The Maharees, just beyond the village of Castlegregory, on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula and the Wild Atlantic Way. It is an area of unparalleled natural beauty, situated between the sea and some of Ireland’s highest mountains.

This unique peninsula stretching 5 kilometres northwards into the Atlantic along the lee shore of the Dingle Peninsula, boasts a world-renowned coastline. It separates Brandon Bay from Tralee Bay, forming a sandy spit adorned with sand dunes and breathtaking beaches for most of its length.

maharees beach

Three charming villages—Fahamore, Kilshannig, and Candiha—huddle on the rocky terrain near Scraggane Bay at the north end, while Rough Point graces the peninsula’s tip. Across the Maharees Sound lie the uninhabited Seven Hogs islands.

This coastal haven, nestled close to sea level, bathes in a unique light and atmosphere. Its long, unspoiled Blue Flag beaches and dune system provide an ideal playground for water enthusiasts, offering activities like surfing, windsurfing, waterskiing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, angling, and canoeing.

For those who prefer land-based activities, you can explore the peninsula through pony trekking along the beach or by taking leisurely walks on miles of pristine white sandy shores. The Maharees is a place of exceptional beauty, a coastal gem beckoning to be discovered.


What to bring - Move, Breathe, Swim, Eat

What we provide

– Trained instructor
– Healthy, nutritious lunch and drinks

What to bring

– Comfortable, stretchy pants/shorts
– Swimsuit
– Tee-shirt (long or short sleeves)
– Warm light top or fleece and socks
– Comfortable footwear
– Water bottle
– Towel
– Light blanket

Suitable for age 8+

Available all year round