Although a comparatively new activity, coasteering is growing significantly in popularity. At its simplest, it is described as ‘Exploring and journeying through the impact zone (the point where sea hits land) between the levels of high and low water, often including total immersion in seawater.’ The point is to have as much fun as possible while doing this!

Wearing a wetsuit, helmet, gloves, old trainers and a buoyancy aid, you move in and out of the sea water onto the rocks and cliffs while walking, scrambling, crawling, climbing, jumping and swimming your way around the coastline. All this happens in the company and under the guidance of a trained instructor.

While you can go for the full thrill of jumping off high cliffs into the sea, this is optional and the real point of coasteering is the full experience of getting into the fun and challenge of scrambling over rocks, climbing up to high points, swimming through both narrow and open sea spaces and tidal movements. It’s all about feeling free in your body and getting to enjoy lots of movement in a fun-filled, thrilling environment.

The health benefits are a fantastic workout, being totally immersed in nature, a total adrenaline rush, lots of bonding and much laughter.

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What to bring - Coasteering

What we provide

  • Trained instructor/s
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Wetsuit
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Healthy snacks and water

What to bring

  • Swimwear
  • Old runners
  • Towels and/or dry robe
  • Dry shoes and warm clothes to change into

Suitable for age 8+

Available all year round (weather permitting)

What to bring - Move, Breathe, Swim, Eat

What we provide

– Trained instructor
– Healthy, nutritious lunch and drinks

What to bring

– Comfortable, stretchy pants/shorts
– Swimsuit
– Tee-shirt (long or short sleeves)
– Warm light top or fleece and socks
– Comfortable footwear
– Water bottle
– Towel
– Light blanket

Suitable for age 8+

Available all year round